The team at Sleeman Optometry has over 50 years combined experience in eyecare. We see people of all ages and we give recommendations that are best for you. We look at things from the perspective of the patient or parent undergoing this process and we take the time to care for your needs.


  • Thorough care & expertise
  • Thorough investigation of vision and eye health using state of the art equipment
  • Offer choices and make individualised recommendations
  • We have a commitment to ongoing training and education
  • Holistic approach to eyecare


We receive referrals from optometrists, teachers and allied health practitioners for our specialised care in behavioural optometry and vision therapy. Many of our patients come to us after having seen other professionals for care regarding learning and academic issues, we provide the answer to their frustration.

Vision, body systems and physiology are complex, don’t settle for general information – get specific information that is right for you.