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Welcome to Sleeman Vision Support & Therapy Practice – Central Coast NSW

Our clients like thorough eye care from an experienced optometrist, followed by a complete explanation of their visual condition.

Sleeman Optometry has up to date equipment to scan your retina and assess eye health and we work together with medical eye specialists to provide you with the highest level care.

We can assess from a mainstream (orthoptic) perspective or utilize Behavioural Optometry (OEP) methodology for an in-depth review of binocular vision and visual performance. This longer approach applies for visual sensitivities relating to sensory processing sensitivities, learning difficulties and acquired brain injury.

Patients often come to us to work in conjunction with other health professionals to trouble shoot symptoms such as headaches, rapid fatigue with reading, light and glare sensitivity and dizziness that are not otherwise answered by other means.

Sleeman Optometry has been providing continuity of care to the Central Coast since 2001.

Consultations by appointment – closed Sundays and Mondays.

About James

James Sleeman has always enjoyed the regular goings on in an optometry practice such as examining eye health, the spectacles, contact lenses and interactions with optometry and ophthalmology colleagues.

He believes in high level care, whether from our office, or for one of his colleagues who provides specialised services.

James has followed the behavioural optometry story for a long time.

Whether you call this style of care developmental vision, or functional vision, there is a lot more to vision than central acuity and correcting the phoria.

Vision is not just in the eyes, and 20/20 for some patients is not enough.

James also mentors newly graduated optometrists on the behavioural optometry model, syntonic light therapy and why measuring vergences gives insight into visual stability.

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