Hypersensitive Eyes & Vision


Our practice is known for assisting people with sensitive visual systems who are not comfortable with their vision or how their eyes feel or perform. We look beyond regular eyesight testing to help manage symptoms.


Your Symptoms May Include:

  • Eyes and vision not feeling ‘just right’- not connected
  • Glare sensitivity, problems with bright or fluorescent light
  • Rapid eye fatigue
  • Difficulty reading for long periods of time
  • Shadowing or slight doubling of vision
  • More dry eyes, sore eyes and headaches


The emphasis is greater than your letter chart ability or what your conventional glasses prescription may be. Comprehensive binocular vision testing assesses vergences, heterophoria, pursuits and saccades. These measurements give insight to the spatial elements of vision: how you move through space or how you localise where to look.

Our clients are more prone to dizziness, sinus, migraines, anxiety and often have a history of TBI or medical issues.

We use prisms, tints, filters and vision therapy to reduce and manage symptoms. Multi-disciplinary care is important, with other healthcare practitioners involved as there are often non visual complaints to consider. Lifestyle factors and interventions are often key to getting better and performing the best you can.

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