We don’t believe that your eyecare, your eyes being your most precious sense, should be compromised by a rushed, impersonal eye examination. In this day and age of speed, big companies, online and shopping centre care, we aim to be different.

Most of our initial examinations fit within a 30-minute format. Specialised care for visual processing difficulties, vertical heterophoria, precision colour tint assessment or advanced eye health assessment may extend up to 1.5 hours.

Taking the time to discuss your symptoms, visual difficulties and background is an important part of your assessment. Asking many questions of lifestyle and health factors give important clues. Your eyes and visual process is linked to your overall health.

We offer retinal photography as a freely available test in our standard eye examinations to assess your macula and optic nerve. Advanced testing with OCT (and dilating eyedrops to open the pupil) is the most thorough way to view eye health. 3D OCT scans through the structure of the macula and optic nerve and is offered for a reasonable fee as required. This is important in the case of diabetic eye disease, macula degeneration and suspected glaucoma. OCT gives peace of mind and allows us to make better referrals to ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) if necessary.

Over the years, we have developed expertise in the visual processing difficulties evident in autism, attention deficits, learning and reading difficulties, as well as the visual sensory overload associated with acquired brain injury.