Sleeman Vision Support and Therapy Practice examines a lot of children that have various labels, including dyslexia, attention deficit or being on the spectrum. We use our experience and the tools of behavioural optometry to identify and understand areas of concern.

Our focus is on visual development that comes from general motor development, nutrition and physiology, it is an eye and brain connection.

Behavioural optometry is a thorough process – we listen, diagnose and provide solutions. A comprehensive approach that addresses educational and sensorimotor factors is best.

We don’t want to take away the individual differences of our precious children – we understand that they are all unique, one size does not fit all.

There are ways to manage learning related problems so that the symptoms are less. We love it when we can take the frustration of the child and parent away. Solutions that we offer include custom low plus lenses, vision therapy, syntonic light therapy and precision tinted colour lenses.

The treatment goalposts for us is to provide faster tracking, reduce vision stress, lessen headaches, sore eyes, glare sensitivity symptoms and widen perceptual fields. When this can be done correctly learning is accelerated.

Get specific information that is right for you or your child.

Vision, body systems and physiology are complex, don’t settle for general information – get specific information that is right for you.