Do You Suffer From

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Can’t read easily
  • Glare issues
  • Print moving and shaking
  • Double vision
  • Balance issues

Problems with your vision, eye alignment and sensory processing may be the cause.

When we think of vision, we often think a clear image on the retina and a good signal going to the back of the brain, the visual cortex to be processed. Vision touches many parts of the brain, there are many neuro areas involved in vision: the vestibular apparatus, brain stem and suprachiasmatic nucleus amongst much more.

Some of these pathways are exposed to damage in head and neck trauma, think car accidents, sports concussion and even accidents in the playground. The aftereffects of an injury can be very debilitating to the ease and efficiency of vision.

Symptom reduction strategies include:

  • Precision colour tints
  • Microprisms
  • Traditional vision therapy
  • Syntonic light

To find the best solution for you, our binocular vision assessments for visual processing are very comprehensive. Our two hour assessment includes versional eye movements, vergence eye movements, central peripheral integration, pattern glare and eye alignment.

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