How often should I have my eyes examined?

Every two years is a good interval between examinations. If anything crops up with your vision in between, feel free to call our office for an earlier appointment. For contact lens wearers and where there are special concerns about eye health, then every 12 months is a suitable interval.

How early can I have my child’s eyes examined?

At any age! The older they are the more responsive they will be to testing and the more information we can get. With babies we can check eye movements, whether the eyes are straight  and whether they are likely to have a significant focusing problem.

My child is starting school next year what about then?

Poor vision in children can slow learning development. We highly recommend a thorough eye examination before starting kindy. Get them off to the right start. Sometimes vision problems may not be readily apparent to parents and disrupt the learning process – an early eye examination is essential.

I am having trouble adjusting to my new glasses – what should I do?

We at Sleeman Optometry care, contact us now. We want you to love your new glasses. New glasses should be easy to adjust to.

Why do you need to know about my health or the medications I take?

Certain conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure can have an effect on eye health and / or the quality of your vision. We need to know about these things to give you the best advice. Some eye symptoms can reflect a problem with your general health not just an eye problem.

What if there is something seriously wrong with my eyes – what will you do?

We are experienced at detecting a range of eye health conditions such as glaucoma and macula degeneration. If there is a major problem that needs medical treatment urgently or we are suspicious of a serious problem we can organise prompt referral to a local eye surgeon.

How long is a standard consultation?

Your first eye examination can take at least 30 minutes. We care and do a thorough history, review lifestyle visual factors, the eye focusing, eye health and then give recommendations. Occasionally you may be in the office for up to an hour. Professional care of your vision is not short or abbreviated.